About the 2018 Friend-to-Friend Thanks-for-Giving campaign

Imagine that someone in your family is sick...
and to receive the medical care needed must go to a hospital some distance away, and you must go with them...and when you arrive there is no place for you to stay, certainly not at a price you can afford!

Where could you turn?

HOSTS for HOSPITALS  is a nonprofit agency leading a collective, community effort to provide lodging and caring support for patient-families who come from around the world to Greater Philadelphia for specialized medical care.  From July 2000 to date host-families have provided over 3,400 patient-families from 90 countries and all 50 states more than 135,000 nights of lodging, saving these families $11 million dollars in equivalent hotel expenses.  The HOSTS for HOSPITALS tax exempt Federal ID number is 23-3038412.

As any of us could find ourselves in such a situation, we reach out to one another now to help support the wonderful, hard work of HOSTS for HOSPITALS and ensure that there is always a welcoming home available for any patient-family in need.

Having family members present is of direct benefit to patients and family members.  Patients need family member support as they navigate complex health care systems and decisions.  Family members need a place to restore their energy and thus be able to best help their loved one the next day.  For both family patients and caregivers, staying at a host-home provides a place where guests take part in normal life, providing a break from the medical crises.  Indeed, for a hospitalized patient there is peace of mind in knowing that loved ones are with caring hosts, rather than being alone at a hotel.

Time after time guests say that being able to stay at a host-home has "answered their prayers."
Hosts express that
"We get even more from this than do our guests."
As one host said,
"When I'm hosting I get to be the type of person I want to be!"
By supporting
HOSTS for HOSPITALS  you help the world be the way we all wish it to be!


Please click here to visit the Our Shared Stories webpage to view firsthand the extraordinary experiences
of patient-family guests being welcomed into HOSTS for HOSPITALS host-homes!